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Do You Really Need to Install SSL in Your Website?

SSL or Security Socket Layer is a protocol that we add to our websites and keep it absolutely safe over the Internet. In this technological era where we can get almost everything online, security is of utmost importance.

SSL or Security Socket Layer Protocol establishes a safe and secure connection between a web server and a browser. Every communication that is being done from the browser is always in an encrypted form ensuring safety.

Let us explain this with an example- assume that you have a website that sells books to the people all over the world. You have to take care of things such as personal details, card details and payments modes of your customers. You cannot be casual about such things. A simple mistake can get you and your customers in trouble. The solution is simple. You just have to add a SSL certificate on your website and everything becomes trusted and safe.

SSL certificate is absolutely needed to establish a SSL connection.

  • What is a SSL certificate? - In simple words, SSL certificate is a data file that has all the information about the company. The certificate has information such as company’s name, address, city, State, issuing and expiry date. Whenever a browser is trying to create a connection with a server then first it checks the SSL details. If the SSL certificate is valid, it directs you to the website.

    If not then, it prompts about the non reliable connection immediately. Many of us have encountered a red screen that appears while we are trying to retrieve a website. That screen is a prompt in case SSL certificate is missing in the website.

  • How do you know about a valid SSL certificate or connection on a website? – If a website installs SSL certificate then it will always maintain a SSL secured connection with all the users. The server will be secured and safe. You can notice such as SSL certified website through:

  • Https–The website's URL is prefixed with "https" instead of "http" and a padlock is shown on the address bar.

  • EV – If the website uses an extended validation (EV) certificate, then the browser may also show a green address bar.

It is advisable never to reveal your important details such as card details and personal details on such websites that are not SSL checked. This can put your in trouble as such websites gets hacked easily.

  • Setup SSL certificate on your Website -

    To setup a SSL certificate on your website, you need to:

  • Install certificate from a trusted CA (certification Authority).

  • Then, you are required to choose among various types of the certificates that are available. You can buy such a certificate from Web hosts.

  • You can get this task done from a various web Development company to do this task for you in an affordable price

  • Does HTTPS affect your SEO ranking?

    Yes, it does put your website on a better rank than HTTP websites.