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Website Maintenance

No doubt that your website is very good, user-friendly and working effortlessly. But to maintain the performance website needs to be serviced from time to time like your car. For example, car engine oil, gear oil, and many other parts need to change from time to time of your car likewise a website needs to renew hosting, domain registration, third party extension updates and many more things to do.
We provide highly efficient, reliable services to help our clients update website with competitive prices. You are most welcome to contact us to discuss a management plan.

Why Website Maintenance is Important?

Website maintenance is not only important for the smooth functioning of the website, but it also keeps you up among the competitors. Here is some reason for website maintenance.

  • Website Maintenance ensures the website’s proper functioning.
  • Website maintenance makes the website up to date.
  • It maintains the uptime of the website.
  • To provide user best user experience.
  • To make the website secure and virus free.
  • To get the maximum benefits of SEO.

Our website maintenance Service

At Proit Melbourne, we offer the best website maintenance services in Melbourne. Everyone can’t maintain their website due to many reasons. For those people, it is best to assign this responsibility to someone who properly take care of your website.

Our website maintenance includes the following services.

  • Website monitoring
  • Domain expiry monitoring
  • Website hosting monitoring.
  • Update content.
  • Changes images.
  • Minor design changes
  • Third-party extensions update.
  • Blog and news update.

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