Website information structure

Website Information

Website information structure means how the content of the website is organized. How the pages are interlinked with each other. If the user gets the information they are looking for? How the menu is structured. How all the pages are categorized on the website. If your website has fewer pages, then it is easy to structure and display content. But if a website has a lot of pages then it needs to develop a good plan to structure content and pages. Website content should be structured or categorized in this way so that the visitor can access the required information easily and navigate easily through one page to another page. All the pages should interlink with each other’s so that web crawler can access each page easily and index them. Well structured website does not help the only visitor, but it makes more search engine friendly and we can say that it also enhances the score of SEO too.

Why we need to structure website information

Have you imagined ever, What will happen if your website have lot of web pages but no one visit them, Of course you have relevant information about your services but no one reads them and not visible on search engine also. It is the situation when we start to scratch our head with frustration and disappointment.There can be many reasons for this situation but the one of biggest reason is Unstructured website. Yes, if your website is not well structured you will face this situation.

How to structure the content

This part of the process is dedicated to mapping out, structuring and organising the way that the information is presented and linked together throughout your website. The end result is a website where users can easily find what they are looking for and effortlessly use its functions. It is not only a technique to structure the website, but it is also art. There are many approaches to do this but choose best one depends on the nature of the website. The website structure approaches are: Sequences :In this approach website pages are organized in a sequential manner. The sequence can be in any manner like logical sequence or alphabetical. This approach is useful in websites who has fixed set of data like tutorial website where they have pages in alphabetical orders or indexes. Hierarchies : This approach is useful where website have different type of content and can be divided in categories and subcategories. For an example E-commerce website, where all the products are categorized in different category and subcategory. Webs :In this approach website is structured in a free flow. Pages are linked with each other so that visitor can access the website with following their interest. Each pages connected with each other. This approach works well on small websites with less number of pages.


At PRO IT MELBOURNE we do a lot of research about the client’s business and develop a website information structure plan. We keep the facts in mind to keep the website simplicity and make it SEO friendly.