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Website Design

A good artistic designed product is always an outcome of a comprehensive detail-oriented designing process. Simplicity and elegance are some fundamental essences of the design principles that we adhere to and our participatory mindset, together with our transparent communication approach are the foundation of our designing process.

Customer Based Design

Initially, much of our effort is to understand your business, learning who your customers are, and defining exactly what it is that you want to achieve. Based on this information to optimize suitable approaches that will attract interested visitors to your site and encourage them to interact with it.

Wbsite Information Structure - Pro It Melbourne

Web Information Structure

This part of the process is dedicated to mapping out, structuring and organising the way that the information is presented and linked together throughout your website. The end result is a website where users can easily find what they are looking for and effortlessly use its functions.

Functional Website Design

If your website is malfunctional or isn’t responsive, you’re missing out on a great deal of users. Years of working experiences of different industries All websites created by Pro IT will be presented and respond smoothly on any desktop and mobile device. We develop and test our sites in the latest browser versions as officially supported by Google and other market leaders.

User Interface (UI) Design

In order to create an inherent and user-friendly visual interface. Our designs will be achieved on any style or theme you are looking for or based on existing branding and style guidelines. If you are still not sure yet, leave it to the Pro IT team will come up with some creative concepts that will make an impact.

Search Engine Optimization

Filling your website with keywords is not search engine optimization at all. Not only your website’s content needs to be planned very thoughtfully, but also website contracture should be carefully designed. we pay careful consideration to site speed, navigation, URL structure, linking, and naming for pages, headings and images, so that your website will have wonderful SEO achievements.

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