What does SEO Mean


What does SEO Mean

Nowadays SEO is much poplar so that most people, not all but people who have a website knows about SEO. So, SEO stands for Search engine optimisation right? But wait, what to optimise. Its website design, structure, content or all these things? And the answer is yes, all things but maybe many other things too.
SEO is a process of rank high the website on search engine results pages organically when any user searches something related to your website services or products. Here we use the word organically; it means we practice ranking webpage in the organic or unpaid results section. However, we can rank the website using paid advertising, but these results show in the paid advertising section.

SEO Friendly Website

Filling your website with keywords is not search engine optimization at all. Not only your website’s content needs to be planned very thoughtfully, but also website contracture should be carefully designed. we pay careful consideration to site speed, navigation, URL structure, linking, and naming for pages, headings and images so that your website will have wonderful SEO achievements.

How we do this

Our strategy is simple. We follow the Google guidelines to develop the website with the best SEO practices. Our designers, developers and SEO professionals work together to optimise the website. A detailed SEO audit is performed to identify the issues on the website and our teams work dedicatedly to fix. again, the website is tested and optimised. This process continues until it becomes SEO friendly completely.

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