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Local SEO Services Melbourne

Local SEO Services Melbourne

Often it is misunderstood that presence on search engine will flourish your business. It is true, but here we have to specify that when you increase your presence on the search results of particular location where you operate or the particular category of product or service in which you deal then it will give the expected result. For instance, you have a SEO company in Melbourne, so the Local SEO will show you on local results at the top of the organic search results when you are searched with keyword Seo company in Melbourne. We excel in putting the right and most used keywords that will enhance your visibility.


Local SEO Keywords

The essence of local SEO lies in the local keywords that filter the search results. It gives your company a better and high priority listing on the local search results. We work upon each and every category that can make your brand to stand out, be it the category of product and service and its sub categories for example if you deal in motor vehicles so we will first make the category of automobiles and motor vehicles and then we will define it more specifically with its sub categories. Similarly we use the area where you operate, color of the product and other specialties of your business and increases the local awareness of your business

Local SEO Company Melbourne

Best Local SEO Company Melbourne


Local SEO works upon the formula of proper listing of ‘NAP’ i.e. Name, Address and Phone Number and it also enlist other details of the company. We fill the information completely so you can be searched in a better way by users. We fill all the important details like your name of your business, detailed information of place with town, locality and the exact address, and we also provide the contact number. We also provide the landmark and neighborhood information so that it can distinct out you while you are searched for the nearby places. Other than this, we give information of hours of working, pricing, link social media profiles, mention credentials etc.


Genuine reviews and ratings For Local SEO

We encourage users to write reviews and ratings for your products and services. Why is it necessary to beg for reviews? It is crucial as it marks the authenticity of your brand and also raises popularity if reviewed and rated well. It also increases curiosity among online users who has not tried your service before to go for it after reading the reviews. Review mark up allows search engine to acknowledge it and you are graced with gold stars or high number of ratings that adds to increase the web traffic.

Local SEO Melbourne - Proit Melbourne

Local listing and Reviews

Optimization with hyperlocal seo optimization

What we do for better optimization on the search engine is to use hyper local SEO technique. We provide distinct website for each category of product and service that filters the search result more. The content of the website is made enriched and catchy and we ensure that it attains maximum click rates. The inbound links are well utilized to improve optimization. Map and pictures, videos are put to attract large number of web traffic.



$449 / Month

  • Up to 10 Keywords
  • 3 Keywords In Top 10


$649/ Month

  • Up to 20 Keywords
  • 5 Keywords In Top 10


$849 / Month

  • Up to 35 Keywords
  • 10 Keywords In Top 10