Best Platform for a Mobile App Development in 2021, Android or IOS?

Mobile App Development

When to comes to enjoying Mobile App Development in Melbourne, you need to choose the best platform to develop mobile apps. Speaking about the mobile app development platforms or software programs, these are advanced application that helps the best mobile app development company in Melbourne to develop a robust app by offering various functionalities. For example, data synchronization, templates, code-free development, IDE, analytics, and API. But how to choose the right platform? Which one should you choose, Android or iOS? Well, keep reading to explore more.

Understanding the iOS and Android market share

Well, there is no doubt that Android is a leader in the market. As per some studies, across the world, Android has a 72.83 percent market share. On the other hand, iOS has managed to corner 26.35 percent of the market share. With the support from Google, Android offers app developers useful tools for creating a robust, feature-rich, and high-performance application. So, when it comes to offering the best app development in Melbourne, most of the developers go for the Android platform.

However, it is also predicted that after the introduction of 5G devices running on iOS, the share of Android smartphones has gone down. But there is still a huge demand for Android devices, and the major reason behind this is the cost.

Pros of Android app development

  • This is open-source

As this is an open-source platform, most app developers can use it. Besides, implementing different features in Android is quite easy as there are no such restrictions. With android app development, you can come up with any features you want. iOS is a closed platform and requires a certain type of software and hardware.

  • Better design

Google has provided many useful app design guidelines that can help you to create an effective as well as smooth user interface. These guidelines are available in the form of code. Just a few clicks and you are ready to go.

  • Testing

The best part is that the Android platform comes with various app testing tools. Besides, you can also increase the testing capabilities by easily integrating multiple frameworks, for example, UI Automator, Espresso, Mockito, and more.

  • Easy to publish

Once you are done with developing the app, you can easily publish your new app on Google Play without any issue. Just compile the app and upload the app to Google Play.

Pros of iOS app development

  • Better performance

iOS platform is designed to create apps that can have maximum stability and offer better performance. If you compare iOS and Android apps, you will find that iOS apps are quite productive and perform better than Android apps.

  • Development process

As there will be no fragmentations, developing a good iOS app will not take much time. The apps use the latest version of iOS, and the developers don’t need to spend much time creating apps for various screen resolutions and sizes.

  • Security

The most important part of iOS app development is the security features it offers. Apple takes this factor quite seriously and releases updates fasters than Android. Various technologies, such as data encryption, Face ID, Touch ID, and more, will make the data secure.

Which one is better?

Well, this will depend on your business capabilities and goals. Besides, you need to consider some factors, like app monetization, development process, time, geography, and cost, to come up with a better decision.

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