Web development is something that can take your business or product to a new height. This era calls for a technological connectivity and growth. Say, you are supposed to get a website done for your business or company, it has be compatible with every type of device such as mobile phone, tablet etc. Gone are the days when people used to have static content based websites just for the sake of web presence. Web development area is dynamic by nature and fuses advance technology together into a real time solution.
Let’s talk about mobile phone applications, thousands of millions applications are available on play stores just to make real life tasks simpler. You can order pizza with your mobile phone in just seconds. You can call cabs/taxis within seconds. Yes, this is what we call web application development.

A developer is a professional who understands all the requirements of the client, picks up the best available technology in the market, merges the client’s idea/concept together with the technology and comes up with a feasible working model or solution in the form of a website or a web page or an application.
If you are a developer then we are going to tell you the latest web development technologies for effective web application development.

  • Responsive Web Designs

    – We have been provided with such responsive designs that are not restricted to mobile phones. These web designs are recognized by the other screens and smart watches. The Framework which is becoming the talk of the town is Semantic UI.
    This UI is a modern front-end development framework which is powered by LESS and jQuery. It provides a lightweight experience to the users. This framework allows developers a power to share UI through a language.

  • CSS or Cascading Style Sheet

    – The latest version of CSS is CSS3 that allows developers and designers to change colors, fonts, animations, and transitions on the web. This actually beautifies the web pages.

Top 3 Frameworks that you must know

  • AngularJS

    – AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It allows developers to use HTML as a template language and then further extend HTML’s syntax to reveal application’s components distinctly. It does reduce your coding to a great extent.

  • Laravel Framework-PHP – 

    Laravel is an open source framework that allows developers to do strong PHP based web app development. Some of its important features include different ways for accessing relational databases, utilities for application deployment and maintenance, modular packaging etc.

  • jQuery Mobile- 

    jQuery Mobile is a cross platform mobile framework that integrates technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and jQuery UI together to carry out web app development flawlessly.

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