How to increase organic traffic 10 top SEO tips

About 53% of the traffic present on the search engines is through organic traffic. If you are in search of strategies that can help in increasing traffic to your website without burdening your budget much, then you are on the right platform.
Today, we will be sharing with you a few effective tips to aid you in attracting clicks along with enhancing rankings on the search engines. Compared to what paid traffic is, organic traffic is completely free.

Your visibility, along with the rankings on the SERPs, can be improved through SEO. You can achieve your goals on SEO and increase your organic traffic to the websites with the help of an SEO service provider.

You might also be considering the use of the strategies we have shared below here in this post!

You need to ensure that you are maintaining a higher position on the search engines as more and more people continue to depend on the online platforms.

It can aid in driving traffic along with increasing the number of clicks to your platforms online. So, let us now look into the strategies offered by SEO for bringing about an improved ranking of your site on the SERPs organically.

1. Optimize Website for Mobile View

In order to access the products as well as the services on the Internet, about 66% of the population is now making use of mobile devices. Your website should also be responsive to mobile in order to improve organic traffic with this higher rate of population.

When you are investing in a theme that is responsive to mobile, it should be of top priority is the WordPress developer. There are several WordPress plugins that one can use besides all.

The users can easily access a mobile-friendly website making use of the various sizes of the screen. The eCommerce business has witnessed an increase in online sales with the outbreak of this pandemic.

2. Improve Page Speed

The bounce rate increases for a website that is slow. The time that the user would be spending is on the website for about 2-3 seconds which is why it becomes quite long to reveal the display options as the users will leave your site pretty quickly.

You can increase the page speed by removal the codes that are not necessary. Your website developer can clean up the website code for you.

3. User Intent

You also have to publish blogs of high quality that would meet the intent of the searchers being the content creator. It should be answering the query of the searcher.

Organic traffic can be increased through the publishing of the user-centric ranks on the SERPs. You can easily make use of a platform for the generation of content ideas for your blogs and website.

You can get a few ideas on the topic for your website with the help of the platforms through Reddit and Quora. It can assist you in terms of writing content ranking on your search engines that are related to the audience.

4. User Experience

The traffic to the site would be boosting the experience of the user. You can get the idea of how you wish people to feel about these pages before you publish your website and blogs.
The customers should be identifying and adding products to a cart simply for the eCommerce website. In terms of making the payments and logging out of the site should also be done.

How the customer is interacting with the website, page, or blog is what user experience is all about. It should load fast, be easy to navigate along with being mobile-friendly.

5. Update Old Content

Are you having any older content that in the past was performing well on the SERP? Content can become outdated quickly as you continue to publish the posts.

You can now stay ahead in this competition by updating your content. Updated changes to the blog should be done, including the date of publishing, the format of the content, along the statistics.

6. Optimize for On-page SEO

Your website can get directly affected through on-page SEO. It is all about the optimization of the title tags, content, meta descriptions, etc. It can aid in improving the visibility of the website on the search engines and thereby boosting organic traffic.

The ideal plugin that should be used is Yoast in terms of optimizing the WordPress website with the on-page SEO. You can know all about website optimization through the guidelines that are available.

You would also be working along with a web design service provider who can aid you in optimizing your blog or site for on-page SEO.

7. Repurpose Content

We can help you if you are in search of methods on the way to increase organic traffic with the help of the repurposing of the content. Through repurposing, you are using the content and publishing it in some other form.

There are several users who would be choosing to watch a video, while a few might be reading a post on your blog. Being a marketer, you should be considering making use of the blog content that is high-performing in terms of creating this video.

8. Implement Structured Data

Search engines would understand the content differently from the way a user would do. It would make use of the markup language in order to understand, crawl along with display outcomes after the search made by the user.

The search engines would be determining whether the site would meet the user criteria. You can pass your website URL on the structured data testing tool of Google to test whether it uses the markup language or not.

9. Include keywords

The organic traffic can be increased with the help of the keywords, mainly if the site would be ranking for a specific word or even a phrase that the user would use on its search query.

Therefore prior to deciding that you are ranking for that specific keyword, identifying the keywords with higher search volume is important. You should also consider using the software, including the Ahref keyword explorer or Google keyword planner, as well as the Moz keyword planner.

The ideal organic traffic strategy is to keep checking the keywords. You can easily be ranking on the top pages on the search engines with the proper keyword.

There are greater chances in terms of attracting traffic to the site compared to the other short-tail keywords are the long-tail ones.

10. Have a linking Strategy

Links play the most integral part in technical SEO. The organic traffic is increased significantly through both the backlinks and internal links. A relationship with the other pages relevant to your content is created through linkings.

You require having the link to the other pages or even the posts that are within your site with internal linking. Also, check out the other pages that are on the site relating them to your recent article and linking to them.

This way, it is easier for the users of the site to discover content that is valuable.

Ensure that you are linking sites having higher DA or domain authority with the help of backlinks. These links should be from the sites that offer your audience value. Guest posting is the other way you can earn backlinks.

Guest posting is the pivotal part of your strategy for link building increasing organic traffic. This means that you are publishing the posts on the other website using links back to your site.

This way, you can increase your organic traffic as the users are clicking on links and landing back onto your website.

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