5 Hallmarks of a Great Website Design


You must have seen a lot of websites and their designs. Have you ever come across that one website design that left you awe-struck with a stunning colour theme and pattern? You must have for sure. Now, PRO IT Melbourne is sharing the top 5 hallmarks of great website designs. Do you know when a person visits a website; multiple reasons compel the visitor to stay there for a few more seconds or minutes.

So, let’s look into the best hallmarks that make a website much better and amazing.

  • Easy to use platform

A website looks great but isn’t easy to use for a customer, so what does it show? It’s not a good sign for a website that isn’t clear with design and purpose. If a visitor visits your website and couldn’t find relevant pages and tabs they are looking for, then the whole investment on the website stands nil. So, keep the UX or the design of the website clear and cut. You must know that if the website is easy to scroll and use, the chances of customers coming back are higher than before. So, you must focus on delivering a clear message through your website and make it user-friendly.

  • New and original content

Fresh content is totally unteachable. Internet is smart and whatever content you put up on the website is extremely important for maintaining the credibility of the website and brand. If you know that content is the king and Web Development Company in Melbourne original content play a major role in shaping your audience’s interest in your brand. If you put up fresh content on your website, it can give you a major edge in beating your competitors since the content is an effort that most people find difficult.

  • Make your website visually appealing

Do you know making a website and designing it is extremely important. But, how do you do that? How to make sure that your visuals are literally amazing and will attract your visitors? Research and learn about various trends and patterns on the website. Apply it and try to keep everything simple yet realistic. People have different tastes and preferences, but if you keep a balance of everything, it is going to be helpful for you to pitch more visitors. No boring overviews, but a fully interactive platform will do wonders for your website.

  • Use images strategically

Using images and placing them in the right place is vital for your website’s purpose and design. Randomly picking up images and placing them into the right nook of the website enhances the overall look of the website. Use good quality pictures for your website and don’t hold on to the ones who have clarity issues and can make a bad impact on your website.

  • CTA – Clear and Apt

Most people skip this part while designing a website, but at PRO IT Melbourne and as a web designing company in Melbourne, we always guide our clients to use an appropriate call to action. It can help you lead your clients to particular actions that can bring you certain leads or where you need traffic. So, CTA or call to action should be clear and apt. It will help you generate the best leads and great deals. So, these were some top hallmarks of website development that you must keep a check on. These hallmarks are like an identity of your website that can easily grab some great attention and make your brand look the best amongst your competitors. If you polish these hallmarks and focus on the right strategy for a website, then your sales graph will also improve with time. We will soon let you know about some more hallmarks for website design in the upcoming blogs.

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