5 Brand Marketing Statistics for 2021


Branding for a business is more personal. It helps you connect with your audience at a large scale and encourage an emotional bond between you and your audience. Gone are those days when branding was restricted to a logo or certain colour themes only. Today, it is important for a 360* cover starting from web designing, web development, content, and many other things that turn a business into a brand. Market competition is rising every day, and several businesses are trying to pull up their socks and pitch their business brand marketing in the most unique yet convincing way. Are you doing that? Have you thought of some out-of-the-box ideas? Though market trends and your overview matter a lot in carefully implementing a winning brand marketing strategy you still have to check with the latest updates and research on it.

To help you know about the same, PRO IT Melbourne brings you 5 top brand marketing statistics for 2021! Let’s have a look at it:

  1. Emphasize on Authenticity

A consumer’s perspective has changed a lot in the past decade. People like to interact with brands that are real and relatable. Brands with their identity and more grounded outlook help in bringing authenticity and value to their business. It attracts customers and strengthens their bond with them. Today, finding a more authentic brand and appealing to customers is difficult, so yes, you have an edge in building a brand that will be loved and nurtured by all. According to a report, around 86% of the consumers believe connecting with a brand that is authentic and grounded stands out from the crowd. If you haven’t added an authentic brand appeal to your business, then rethink and do it ASAP.

  • Focus on Transparency

Trust comes with transparency. Do you know brands that are open and transparent with their consumers are more valued in today’s world? Consumers indeed view brands as their companions, and transparency is one such thing that wins over anything between you and the consumers. As long as you are honest with your audience and practice business ethics properly, there is no looking back. Reviews and testimonials are Web Development Company in Melbourne one way to build that trust value between you and the consumer. Stay true to your brand and lead by example. You are accountable for whatever you do in the best possible way.

  • Is your brand design speaks volume?

A colour scheme in your web design matters the most. Around 80% of customers connect well with the brand because of the colour scheme, logo, and design they chose. Some of the world’s biggest brands have signature signs that have feelings and emotions invoked in them. At PRO IT Melbourne, we believe that if your web design is not attractive and convincing at all, you wouldn’t be able to connect with the audience in-depth. As a Web Designing Company in Melbourne, we understand that every business has a different marketing strategy, and to fulfill that requirement, we give options to your business and turn it into a more powerful and impact brand.

You can always come to us and get some instant suggestions on web design and web development.

  • Consistency is the greatest brand value

We all have some of our favorite brands since childhood, and we still love to visit them even now. Why? Have you ever given it a thought? It is because they have been consistent in serving us the same taste and value since our childhood. Every brand needs to maintain consistency and ensure to create a similar brand value that they had made since day 1. Though several popular brands have changed their logo, colour, and taglines; they do it once in a while. We can call it refreshed brand marketing, but they are still consistent with colour and design. All they do is that modify everything in a better way.

So as a brand, you must maintain a popular brand image and avoid creating confusion in the mind of your audience.

  • Focus on Social Issues

No matter if you are doing digital or physical campaigns, you must include social issues in them. Do you know adding social issues to your marketing campaigns helps you gain more trust and support among st your audience. As a brand, get involved in support of local issues and take a stand. Be it encouraging local creators or saying no to plastic, your involvement in such support is helpful. You must focus on social issues and build a brand. These are some brand marketing statistics in 2021 that you must follow. These points will help you grow your business more strategically. Also, in today’s highly competitive environment, your ideas and creativity along with the points mentioned above matter the most.

So, think and implement carefully!

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