3 Reasons to Improve your Website Design


Even after spending a hefty amount on your website, you end up getting some sort of critics from others. Well, there could be a certain truth in those critics that may sound unacceptable to you. But, honestly always try to focus on making your website the best version of what you have planned for it and take the feedback more positively.

There could be a certain aspect that has to be worked upon, and that’s why this write-up is important for you. Remember that you are putting your hard-earned money into designing and developing a website, so, you can’t sacrifice the very basic yet vital details. We are PRO IT Melbourne, the leading Web Designing Company in Melbourne, and we aim to educate people on how to make sure that their website has all the required features.

  1. Have you added a unique value proposition?

The first thing that you get while adding a unique value proposition to the website is the clarity of your business to your audience. You must have seen when a team sits down and plan to develop a website; there goes a lot of brainstorming on navbars and the structure of the website. It is done to avoid any misleads to the visitors. If you are e-commerce and you are selling beauty products. You must be clear with what, why, and how you are selling the products. What makes you different and the best from your competitors?

Here the UX plays an extremely important part. You must Web development Company in Melbourne never rush to make it happen. Give it some time, do some research and work on it. It is that part of designing a website that includes creativity and intelligence at the same time.

Focus on creating the brand’s USP. From text, content, HD images to chosen font size, everything matters a lot. So, you must be considering these factors as well.

  • CTA and the colour

If you haven’t thought a lot about the colour of the website then you don’t know the kind of colour your brand depicts. It helps in attracting the brand value and lets your visitors settle in for some good time. If you read about brand colour strategy, in brief, some colours have some kind of relevance behind their existence in the brand. Let’s have a quick look at the types of colours we consider in the market:

Red – It shows anger, excitement, love, and passion

Blue – It is the colour of peace, calm, compassion, and trust 

Green– You can relate this colour with health and lifestyle or environment and freshness 

Orange – This colour is known for creativity and vibrant

Why don’t you search for the colour pink and purple yourself and discover the meanings of these colours? Trust us, it’s going to be really interesting, and you are going to have fun.

Coming to Call to Action, at least use 3-4 CTAs on your website. Do you know CTAs can help in converting your visitors into a customer? It is also important since CTAs can help your visitors reach different offerings in your business. It can be some discount, deal or latest products.

So, make sure you are checking up with this as well.

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